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History of Women’s Best Friend: The Dildo

The sex toy market is flourishing. There are varied numbers of designs and colors to choose from. More so, because of the increase in e-commerce sites, the availability of dildos has become more accessible. The turnover of the sex toy industry is quite astonishing. It is huge. This tells us that more and more women are inclined to purchase a dildo for themselves. There is a fascinating history behind these vibrators. Our ancestors have not only explored sex, but they have used sex toys, no matter how unsettling it sounds. The products have become much more modern and stylized in the recent past, but they were not like this throughout. Let us take a look back at these devices.


Ancient Sex toy- Classic Dildo

The Chinese Dynasty carefully designed dildos that were made of Jade and Bronze. They were butt plugs and strap-ons, respectively. Morticians used the butt plugs to prevent body essences from leaking from the body. The strap dildos were lightweight and used by both men and women. Even though these were not the oldest dildos in history, the first dildo to be found dates back to 28,000 years old. The length of this dildo was eight inches long. Dildos were made of a variety of resources. They were made from metals, stones, marbles, and bones. Surprisingly, dildos were even made of pieces of bread. Sex was considered to be an art form. Quite an evolution, right?


A step toward Adult toys

With the evolution of the human race, the designs of sex toys became more creative. In South America, the Araucanian men came up with the idea of tying horsehair together to tickle the clitoris during intercourse. On the other hand, Dyak men even pierced themselves with bamboo and ivory to arouse their partners.


After a gap of thousand years, Burmese balls were invented. These tiny metal balls were initially meant for a man’s pleasure. The balls were inserted into the penis for their pleasure. Eventually, the balls were designed larger for women to use and increase their pleasure. As the balls were inserted into the vagina, the balls would roll and create waves that stimulated the vaginal wall.


After the 17th century, sex dolls came into play. The seamen mainly started experimenting with it. The reason why seamen created sex dolls was that they often got lonely during long voyages. Therefore, they gathered straw, tied it to a human form, and dressed it like a woman.


The Vibrators

During the golden age of industrialization, humans created vibrators for their pleasure. Initially, the devices were small, and they required to be hand pumped. Over the years, the vibrators were steam-powered.  The first of its kind was The Manipulator. This was introduced in 1869. The launch of this sex toy was meant for medical purposes. This particular device promised to cure sore necks and weight reduction. It is speculated that this vibrator was falsely advertised. A vast number of people started using this device for their pleasure. Eventually, it escalated to being the best dildo.


Apart from the Manipulator, there were other brands of vibrators that were falsely advertised. For instance, the Hitachi Magic Wand. These continued up until the 20th century. The Hitachi Magic wand was marketed as a back massager. Camouflaging the actual utility of these dildos was basically due to the taboo around sex toys.


Breaking the Taboo

There emerged a sexual revolution in the 60s and 70s. Sex toys were sold for what they were without hiding their utility.  There was a feminist wave that encouraged women to talk about their bodies openly and not shy away from seeking pleasure. This wave also involved opening Feminist sex stores. Before this, sex toys like the Hitachi vibrators were available only in departmental stores. This made women a bit uncomfortable purchasing it. The feminist stores enabled women to escape the taboo and shop for vibrators. One of the most famous feminist stores was Eve’s Garden and Good Vibrations.


In addition, shows like Sex and the City in the ’90s broke stereotypes by featuring dildos on air and showing dildos on television, bringing in more possibilities. Vibrators were featured in the show. This show made Rabbit vibrators famous as well, as the character ‘Charlotte’ used them. Rabbit dildos are made of silicones, hence falling under silicone dildos. Rabbit Vibrators were unique as they provided double stimulation. It could both penetrate and tickle the clitoris at the same time. It also provided the third stimulation, with beads around the product for anal stimulation. It has a rotating body which also provides additional pleasure. This dildo was a blessing for women who could not reach climax easily. It enabled them to realize what their body demanded.

So, human inventors came a long way from strap dildos and metal balls, made of bones and marbles.


In the 21st century, the taboo around sex toys seems to have completely broken. Dildos, sex toys, and BDSM are openly advertised and discussed. There is no shame involved. This has happened mostly because sex, gender, sexuality, and issues of LGBTQ are being openly discussed, and consciousness is actively spread. In the era of political correctness, efforts are made to make people more sensitized about these issues.

Along with it, social media has come to the game as a blessing. The internet and social media give more people access to sex toys. It also allows them to be vocal about sexual preferences.


More so, with scientific advancement, improved versions of sex toys are available on the market. There are remote-controlled vibrators, and with Virtual Reality(VR), VR-controlled sex toys are also available.


What’s interesting is that dildos and sex toys like those at Twice Tonight have existed even before organized religion and predate most human civilizations. The human race was always aware of sexual stimulation and wanted to explore its possibilities.