About BCP

Welcome to the new BCP Award of Excellence Program, the prestigious award for superior website excellence and presentation, setting new standards for a fast developing medium as we know it today – the Internet!

Are you the genius we are looking for? More than enough reason for you to continue the journey…

BCP Award is for webmasters that have surmounted the highest reaches of design excellence and attained the level of master on a variety of subjects and critique.

Alverta Kovacek
The story of

BCP Award

The story goes back to April 23rd, 2002, the day we launched our first awards program “The PC Music Awards of Excellence”. Triggered by the possibility to actually “win” an award for my design attempts, being honored and recognized by fellow web designers, share and gaining tips to improve on current issues, and of course, the huge potential awards seemed to have eventually led to the creation of our own awards program.

Of course, becoming recognized as an award giving site was not easy at all. Back then we did not know about the existence of award indices such as Award Sites! or Website Awards as we know it today. Instead, we discovered Juno Award Project, who submitted awards program to potential award winners. Back then, we received about 5 entries for evaluation, and the idea was to contact the webmaster to apply for your award.

Since the closure of the Juno web site, our awards program almost came to a stand still. I’ve met Dayton Casper early February 2003 when he applied for the PC Music Award. Ever since, we have kept contact, and eventually we became best friends in July 2003, which also saw my enrollment in the Lesi Awards program. We jointly introduced the first evaluators panel, back then the only one besides World’s Best Website’s. Since then we became partners.

While evaluating websites for Lesi and Delwart, BCP Awards was completely redesigned. A lot of structural and content changes were necessary to build an awards site to reward webmasters for outstanding effort, and to guide those in quest of perfection. By offering free tips and Tutorials, we have hoped to be of some kind of assistance – a plan that seems to work! Development on the new 100 point criteria started back in April 2000, only to be introduced by 2004, when our awards program was finally re-introduced under a new name – “The BCP Awards of Excellence”.

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